Saturday, November 22, 2014

Prayer for Truckers

He’s heading out again,
got to get back on the road.
Won’t be back home until
he’s delivered his last load.
Worrying while he’s gone,
for his safety and his life,
come naturally for a loving trucker’s wife.
But I know a little secret which to you I will confide:
Heaven sends an angel to ride by his side.
I know this because I believe in angles
and God’s love;
He take care of His children
from Heaven’s Kingdom above.
His angel journey’s with him
down the highways he must roam,
always guiding and protecting
every day ‘til he comes home.
Should something ever happen
That his angel cannot abate,
then his angel will be there
as he walks through Heaven’s gate.
So wherever my trucker goes
I know I need not fear, for he is never all alone –
His trucking angel’s near.

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