Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just When Her/His Life Was Brightest

Just when her/his life was brightest,
Just when her/his years were best,
She/He was called from this world of sorrow
To a home of eternal rest.

Our thoughts go wandering when daylight fades
To the land of long ago.
And memory paints the scenes of old
In the fold of the twilight glow.
We seem to see in the soft dim light
A Face we love the best,
And think of her/him when the sun’s last ray
Goes down in the far off west.

The depths of sorrow we cannot tell,
Of the loss of the one we loved so well;
And while she/he sleeps a peaceful sleep
Her/His memory we shall always keep.

Before the throne of God
Thousands of children stand;
Children whose sins are all forgiven
A holy, happy band.
Up there among the throng
Our little (insert name) stands
Waiting for us to join her/him
In that holy, happy land.
Gathered by Jesus in all her/his childish purity
A beautiful snowdrop to bloom in the
Garden of Heaven

Sweet little flower of heavenly birth,
She/He was too fair to bloom on earth

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