Saturday, November 29, 2014

March of The Three Kings

Three great kings came from the Orient,
A star full bright showed them the highway;
Robed were they in costliest raiment,
With crowns and jewels in a fine display;
And they carried gifts in casks of gold
For the lowborn Christ child we were told,
And we join'd their band and march'd with them
To find the holy child of Bethlehem.

And we saw the star stop o'er a stall,
Its bright light sent forth a holy glow;
It reveal'd the Babe so dear and small,
In swaddling garments in a manger low.
We bow'd our knees in wonderous awe,
Singing God's praises, "Alleluia,"
For His shining star led three wise men
To find the holy child of Bethlehem.

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